Europeskate skateboard weekend update October 19th, 2007

This has the week of the flu which hit me hard on Tuesday and has kept me indoors all week. But that does have its’ good sides as I can still work at the computer and get some new posts up. A lot has been going on as well, my favorite being the wildcard invite from éS Footwear to Alex Mizurov for the 2008 Game of Skate Final.

Kingpin Magazine decided enough is enough and wrote an open letter to éS to ask why Alex was forced to skate in the amateur contest even though he won last year AND other amateurs skated in the pro contest. Here’s the answer Kingpin editor in chief Niell Nielson got back:

“The 2007 éS Game of SKATE Pro Contest qualification change had nothing do with Alex Mizurov or past amateur winners; it had everything to do with how éS chose to elevate the Pro contest. Though advance communication was given to all who participated about the change in qualifications five months prior to the amateur championships, the overwhelming response in support of Alex Mizurov to defend his 2006 title has been heard by us. But the question remains…will Alex have the opportunity to defend his title in the 2008 éS Game of SKATE Contest? We ask his sponsors, Plan B and Osiris: Will you be putting Alex on your global team? Everyone who was invited to the 2007 game has strong global recognition and has a prominent place on a team list with multiple international coverage hits. Will his sponsors step up for Alex and promote him from regional flow to global team status? Regardless, éS will still extend the invitation to Alex for the 2008 eS Game of SKATE Contest where he will be given the wild card to defend his title.“ —Matt Sharkey, éS Global Brand Marketing Manager

At least they can sort of admit that it was a bit strange. Now it will interesting to see what Osiris and Plan B, especially after Lem Villemin just leaving Plan B for Chocolate Europe, there is more space for Alex.

You have to download the Vox “Black & Blue” Volume 2 video. I have already watched it 4 times and it gets better every time. Just some great skating in there so grab it and let yourself be inspired.

Nike’s “Nothing But The Truth” is currently on its’ global video premiere tour with the final showing tonight in New York. Check out the trailers over at Nike Skateboarding.

Behind the scenes at Europeskate: working on a new layout change to the screen and we added in the newsletter subscription so you lazy ones can stay up to date and receive all the news in your mailbox! The skatespot page had a larger problem this week so I rebuilt it as well and I have to keep adding all of the skateparks already in the list, so bare with me please. It will work better anyway!
We are now looking for people to write articles for Europeskate. Feel like you can put a few sentences together with some pictures? Then let us know and send us your news with full name and address.

And for something funny, Creature Skateboards is offering kids in the Santa Cruz Skatepark a new complete board if they trade in their scooter – fantastic idea guys!

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