Europeskate Updates – August 13th 2009

Finally finding some time to make a general update about what is happening around here. I’ve been bogged down in work a lot lately but I am pushing the updates whenever I can. The Pic Of The Day should be getting a change a bit more often and I did restart the Europeskate Music section this week – hope to keep that moving as well.

So what’s up for the near future?

– A brand new Europeskate Facebook Page has been created so you don’t have to go reading through my private life. If you like your Facebook – and I know loads of you do – then this is perfect for us to hook up, announce contests, product giveaways and exchange news. So get on over there today as the old Europeskate group is dead as of today!

– Building up the Photography and Music areas even more as the feedback is as always huge for these sections of the site.

– I am looking for people who want to constructively get involved, write articles, interview skaters, push their scene or local spots. I have always wanted Europeskate to continue expanding and this is your chance to get a spot on the site. The best would be contributions from as many different countries as possible so write in and let me know!

MESSAGE FOR THE COMPANIES: I love to test products, I want to get to know what is hitting the market and what you are selling to skateboarders worldwide. Hardware, clothing, shoes, accessories – whatever it is, contact me and let’s do something through the site. The EUROPESKATE readers love giveaways as well!

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