Europeskate weekend – what happened!

Europeskate weekend with Giftorm, Subert and bowling

As usual, I didn’t exactly get around to doing what I had planned to do this weekend, but that seems to be a tradition just a week before Christmas. 5 days of my normal day job to go and then it’s off for the holiday season, yippeee! Dive in to see what new skateboard products we are testing and why I am now the bowling champion after this weekend!

So what happened? On the skateboard side of life our friends from the Swedish skateboard magazine Giftorm kindly sent over several issues of their very well designed magazine. Even though I can’t understand a word – which is definitely too bad – the photography is outstanding and their mag has a spot next to the toilet in our house! In their latest issue they got in some shots of the newest Placed To Ride skatepark in Avesta, Sweden before the snow hit the park.

Giftorm magazine

Right after flipping throught the Giftorm mags I was on my way to the last St. Pauli football game before the winter break, always a fantastic evening out at these events. Even if you don’t like football, you’d have to somehow get a ticket to watch a game live. Most people just go their to get drunk, stoned, whatever and cheer for the team – I’ve never seen any violence going on and it’s well layed back. Anyway, St. Pauli managed to win, we had our fun, on to Saturday. On my way to the local skateboard shop, Subvert Skateboards, in the early afternoon, I had forgotten about the large left wing demonstrations taking place with over 3000 police with water cannons, tanks, you name it, it was there. So that being said and with half of the roads in Hamburg being blocked, I decided to park my car and skate to the shop which was quite fun as I get on my board to street skate way too little.

Volker from Subvert Skateboards donated two sets of “homemade” wheels, a pack of Subvert Speed Sperms bearings and a Fabio Sleiman deck for us to test so stay tuned for our reviews, the wheels will get their test today in the halfpipe! To celebrate we went out with a hoard of 20 people to the local bowling alley where I proved that you can be the bowling champion even after 5 beers – and I bowl about once a year! So everybody, have a great start in the week!

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