Europeskate’s Raise The Dead video contest – watch the finalist videos!

The first Europeskate contest is done and over which started 6 weeks ago and the finalists are in there. We had quite a few younger contestants sending in their footage and we do have some nice videos to choose from! Now it’s your turn to help us decide which videos get the top prizes. So hit the “Read more” link, watch the finalist videos and add your comment to this post saying who you like the best.

We will see what you have to say about the videos until tomorrow, November 2nd at midnight and then make our decisions by Monday, November 5th for all to see. Thanks again to everyone who entered or tried to enter (I’ll be bringing a series about how to get footage, edit it and what you need to do it all as quite a few people asked for help…), to the sponsors (Fidelity Skateboards, Dekline Shoes, Del Mundo, Shortys and 24/7 Distribution) and for hosting the videos for us.

Enough talk, watch them videos and add your comments!

Dave Ford

Simon Trigell

Niall Behan

Tim Oberhauser

Sam Watkiss

Francisco Lima

Gus King

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