Featured Band on Europeskate: MJ13

Featured Band on Europeskate: MJ13

Coming home after a pretty strange day at work and some not-too-cool things happening, I wanted nothing more then to listen to some loud music which in some way expressed my…frustration I guess is the word I am looking for right now. Yeah, something to let go off that ever so slightly pissed off feeling that is creeping through my mind right now.

Nothing better then checking out some music websites and I came across a quite different and expressive sounding band going by the name MJ13. Made up of three guys (Andres Anguita, Anthony Johns and Felix the Rat) out of East London, the band mixes both slow and fast beats which made me tense ,yet attracted my attention to listen to more with raw guitars and a quite garage-like sound – no clean mixing going on here but it’s all very listenable.

Confused? Me too I guess. What I’m trying to say basically is that it’s catchy, dark, upbeat, philosophic and punk all mixed together. Okay, maybe you should just listen to it…my favorite song is “A Pocket Sex Poppy Like You” – get what I mean? They are that little bit different which makes them good.

Check their websites which all have a lot of their songs for listening…

MJ13 website
– Same In Death.com
– MJ13 on MySpace

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