Featured Photographer Erick Barrandey

Erick Barrandey

Who are you? Tell us a little bit about yourself (age, what you do in life, where you live)

My name is Erick Barrandey aka “The Street Photographer” I am 22 yrs old, I live in Abilene, Texas. All I do is go to college, skate, and take photos. I attend Texas State Technical College here in Texas and I am just 1 year shy of receiving my associates degree in Digital Imaging and Graphic Design.

How did you get into photography, especially skateboard photography?

Well I started skateboarding when I was 18 by then it was so hard to keep up with the kids that had been doing it 5 yrs + before me, so I started filming and making skate films for the local skateshop. It was fun filming and all but after awhile I would just get tired of watching footage over and over again, but however I could sit there and look at a photo over and over again and realize something new about it everytime it was like “WOAH DUDE” this trick is rad, and then I would notice like the lighting and the angle and just all the elements that made this photo looks so awesome. So I traded in the film gear and started taking photos and 1 year later here I am.

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What type of equipment do you use for your photos? (outside shots, night shots, indoor shots)

Well just recently I sold my Canon Rebel XTi and purchased the Canon Rebel XSi with the BG-E5 battery grip, of course im currently waiting on it to come in. My lenses dont run to deep but I got what I need. For most of my skate shoots I use the Tokina 10-17mm f3.5-4.5 its a great fisheye lens for those with a smaller cropped camera and a smaller budget haha. I also use the Sigma 70-200mm f2.8 its super sick for indoor and outdoor photography especially for night photography and as for flash I have two Vivitar 285hv which are fired wireless, I do hope to step it up though with two Canon 580 EX II Speedlite flashes, once I make some more money.

Do you have any special “tricks” which you like to use for certain types of pictures?

Umm none that I know of I am trying to work on mastering the motion shot where the subject in movement looks fast and the background is blurred by motion of the camera….if that made any sense haha.

Jake Kirby and Nick Richman

If you could get any new equipment for free, what would you love to have?

Anything by Canon or Sigma that fits Canon.

What is your opinion on post-processing, especially enhancing pictures?

Ya know if been wanting to get my opinion out on this subject for along time. Much respect to older veteran photographers but I am tired of hearing about how much some people are against post processing with photoshop and etc. due to over use of effects I mean I know some stuff can be overkill but Photo Art is the way of the future for photography, I like to see how creative people can get especially with HDR photos, personally Im hooked on spot color effects even though its easy it still looks cool.

What are you currently working on and do you have any projects planned?

Currently im working on graduating, aside that im designated photographer for the local skate team. I am also designing board graphics for the local team called Sled Skateboards owned by Johnny Thornton. Eventually I will get my own company going Photograffiti Inc. If you want to know more about me or check out more of my stuff you can hit me up on flickr or myspace.

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