Fernando Elvira – the designer behind Cocobula.com

Fernando Elvira

You probably have sometime in your life heard about the theory of six degress of separation – every person on this world is connected to every other person through six different connections. Working in this tightly knit skateboard industry, it just happens that you stumble over something or somebody that grabs your attention while looking into a certain story. Pontus Alv’s Steppe Side skate project just had a setback and while looking into that I found out about Le Boxx (more about that later) and one of the people involved is Fernando Elvira, an incredible artist who has had his design fingers in a lot of companies cakes.

Besides the long list of exhibitions and work with magazines, Fernando has put his signature onto several different skateboard companies board designs (Sugar Skateboards, Cliche Skateboards and Alai Skateboards) over the past few years as well as some very nice looking snowboards. Check out some of his skateboard designs below and make sure to link up to his site to get an even better impression of what he is capable of.

Fernando Elvira’s Cocobula.com website Oh yeah, check out the photo report about him on Defekt.se painting a pool up in Malmö.

Fernando Elvira skateboard designs 1

Fernando Elvira skateboard designs 2

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