FestCup 2007 in Karlsruhe, Germany – the results

FestCup 2007 in Karlsruhe

The organizers of the FestCup 2007 got in contact with me yesterday and let me know where to look for the results to the contest and here they are for ya:

Mini-Ramp contest

1. Leo Leifert , Wiesbaden, Zero, Urban
2. Anders Tellen, Dortmund,
3. Andy Meisel , Equal Athletics,Pate Mob
4. Alex Frank , Heidelberg, Skate Express,
5. Andreas Krall, Heidelberg, Rellik Skateboards, Skate Express, Hooligan Streetwear
6. Nico Manz, Durmersheim, ”Equal Athletics; Titus Karlsruhe”
7 Michael Tan, Bretten, Titus KA, Equal Athletics, Pate Mob
8 Ferit Batir Wien Vans,Yama
9. Chris Pfanner , Barcelona Vans,Yama,Volcom Oakley,Nixon,Eastpack,Spitfire
10 Clark Patrick, Mannheim

and the halfpipe results are:

Finals “C.O.S Vert Cup PRO”, Sunday, July 22nd, 2007

1. Platz, Trevor Ward, 500 Euro, Torquay/Australia, Volley Skate, Rip Curl, Armourdillo Bonards, Dragon, Ogio, Ard
2. Anders Tellen, 300 Euro, Dortmund, C.O.S Vert Cup German Champion SKATEBOARD HALFPIPE´07
3. Nathan Beck, 200 Euro, Australia Controll Sakteboards,Captains Billys,Crab Sheik
4. Jan Tomsovsky, Hradec Kralove, adio, split, santa cruz, independent, tsg, bones, utopia, easy rider
5. Ingo Fröbrich, Bonn
6. Sascha Müller, Münster, Quicksilver, TSG, Hessenmob, Bones, Diem Trucks, Skull Candy, Adio
7. Bob Joosten, Utrecht, Quicksilver, Emerica
8. Daniel Beck, Independent

Finals “C.O.S Vert Cup AM”, Sunday, July 22nd, 2007

1. Steven Schmidt, Eisenach, 319
2. Markus Cop, Frankfurt, 249
3. Christian Loos, Herten, 220
4. Kai Schuller, Halle/Westfa, 196
5. Martin Hänsel, Coburg, 176
6. Simon Mönch, Bonn, 156
7. Jenz Preiss, Bielefeld, 152
8. Kristian Kolsch,

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