Fidelity Sweatshirt Giveaway Contest

Fidelity Sweatshirt Giveaway Contest

Ahh, finally another fine way to get yourself some new gear and we have teamed up yet again with our good friends from Fidelity to give away 3 sweatshirts!

And to make it really easy to win, all you have to do is send your complete name, email address and home address to:

freestuff (AT) europeskate (DOT) com – you have to type the (AT) and (DOT) character, just avoiding those spam machines…

Send your email by July 1st, 2008. Yep, that’s it. No questions, no thinking, nothing. Okay, whenever I get around to writing a newsletter you will be bombarded with Europeskate advertising. But don’t worry, only one newsletter has gone out to date!

Make sure you include ALL of the information. Anything missing and you are not in the final draw. Good luck everybody!

Check out the Fidelity Skateboards website

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