Filmer Reel Contest – Searching For The Next Great Filmer

Filmer Reel Contest - Searching For The Next Great Filmer: click here!
Check out the entries here, maybe the next best skateboarding filmer around…

The Filmer Reel Contest is a skateboard video contest started up by Transworld Skateboardingwhich ends January 15th, 2010. Anybody who has a video camera, knows how to use it and who has the skills to put together a mad 5 minute or less skateboard edit which will attract TWS filmmakers Jon Holland and Chris Ray attention, this is your chance to get some major coverage for your video filming skills and win some Dakine bag gear at the same time.

I just discovered the whole contest (I must be sleeping all the time I guess…) and the contest page is packed with entries I’m going to spend my evening watching. I have to stay up past midnight anyway for my normal job tonight so I’ll pass the time with some hopefully really good entries to this contest.

I’ll pack one entry in here which is from already well known filmer Colin Clark and yet again he proves he knows how to handle a camera and make skateboarding look fine as hell. Enjoy and make the jump over to the contest webpage to watch the rest. If I find something really good in there, you can be sure that I’ll post it!

» check out the Transworld Skateboarding Filmer Reel Contest webpage and contest entries here!

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