First spring session 2008 at the Hagen pool, Germany

Hagen,Germany bowl session spring 2008

Germany has been catching up or better yet been keeping up with the worldwide concrete domination tour as parks seem to be popping up all over the place. Just last year a real beauty of a pool construction went up in a small town in Germany going by the name of Hagen and believe me, you would probably not just stop over here thinking there just might be a great pool somewhere!

Last weekend a few of Germany’s pool hungry skaters met up in Hagen due to unusually high temperatures and had the year’s first real session. Here’s the video of session and you can see why you should get down there if you like pools! Thanks to Dietsches from for putting the video on the web.

Hagen Pool Germany Feb. 10 th 2008 from Dietsches on Vimeo.
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