Forum Sign-Up winner of the ÃœBER deck

Forum sign-up winner of the ÃœBER deck

The new Europeskate forum area has been up for just over a week and we decided to hook up with Hamburg’s very own ÃœBER Skateboards to give away a “Beaver Liquor” deck to one of the first 50 people to sign up AND left a message on the site.

We had a lot of people signing up but they missed out o fcontributing to the forum and getting the chance to get a free deck. We have a winner anyway, it’s the user:


Way to go, I’ll be contacting you to get the deck sent out asap! Spread the word about the forum, I can’t write in it all the time so it’s up to you to help it grow and become something useful!

Deck giveaway with ÃœBER Skateboards
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