Freestyle Berlin 2009 final results and video

Freestyle Berlin 2009 final results and video

I was pretty much closed indoors this weekend, didn’t want to move outside of my appartment out into the cold and dreary weather conditions so I was able to watch a lot of the Freestyle Berlin 2009 action live through the webcast – once again thanks to for the good work. Jean Postec came through to win it all with a very impressive show the entire weekend. Too bad for Sam Beckett and local Jürgen Horrwarth (who has the most amazing McTwists around if you ask me!) as they ended up in the back of the pack…

The Final Results

1. Jean Postec FRA
2. Adam Taylor USA
3. Sandro Dias BRA
4. Renton Millar AUS
5. Alex Perelson USA
6. Neal Hendrix USA
7. Elliot Sloan USA
8. Jussi Korhonen FIN
9. Jürgen Horrwarth GER
10. Anthony Furlong USA
11. Sam Beckett UK
12. Josh Stafford USA

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