halfpipe contest in Zurich September 26th-28th halfpipe contest in Zurich September 26th-28th

This mega event has been taking place for over a decade and attracts top pro skaters from around the globe to compete for a part of $110,000 US dollars. The takes place in the beautiful city of Zurich, Switzerland putting together three days of skateboarding, snowboarding, BMX, FMX and Freeski plus movies, concerts and of course the parties.

Located right on the Zurich lake, the location is outstanding and invites anybody visiting to enjoy a chilled out day. The halfpipe contest will be taking place in a 4,60 meter ramp (that’s 15 feet tall) which is 60 centimeters or around 2 feet higher than last year’s ramp!

– Check the contest website for directions, hotels and who’s going to be there!

big air on last year's halfpipe

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