French magazine Soma issue 5 out now…

…but only in selected stores in France (darn!). But hold your horses – they are really cool about putting up the last issues on their site as downloadable PDF files so you can enjoy them all at a later date as well. Or just pop over to France for one. Hmmm, right.

In this issue articles about Stéphane Larance; Jérôme Chevallier, his dreadlocks and his new life without dreads; Benjamin Delaboulaye, a young guy from Paris ; a Blind tour in China; Fredrik Gustafsson, a Swedish dude who doesn’t like it when one talks about his dreads; 100 hours in Malta with Loïc Benoît; Bryan Herman’s predictions ;Scott Bourne and something I couldn’t translate, sorry!; more adventures of Morgan Navarro’s Asphalt Boys and last but surely not least a customised cover by FOS (Heroin Skateboards owner and responsible for design at Altamont)

Soma Skateboarding Magazine website (in French)

Soma Issue 5

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