French Skateboard Championships 2008 begin in Nantes

French Skateboard Championships 2008

A few days late – quite a few to be more exact but we want to keep you informed about what is going on around Europe. The start up contest for the French Skateboard Championships 2008 took place in Nantes on January 19th-20th. Check the following link to watch yet again another street contest in France with an insane level of skateboarding. Vive la France is all I can say, get all the results by clicking on “read more” below…

Under 16:
1 Werner Sandoz
2 Clément Soubies
3 Mike Rey
4 Antoine Sansoucy
5 Mihiel Guerhane

16 – 18 years old:
1 Adrien Bulard
2 Anthony Boudard
3 Edouard Fontaine
4 Valentin Bauer
5 Delacrose Pierre

Over 18:
1 Julien Merour
2 Jérémy Grousset
3 Adrien Chatellier
4 Idriss Diop
5 Georges Agonkouin

Women :
1 Despagne Camille
2 Alleaume Claire
3 Jacob Lisa
4 Guillet Marie
5 Leroy Emeline

Halfpipe :
1 Terence Bougdour
2 Joris Brichet
3 Eric Vidal
4 Marc Haziza
5 David Renou

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