Full length Italian video Nothing Compares

Full length Italian video Nothing Compares

As I am working on getting back to integrating more and more news from Europe (makes sense with a site named Europeskate right?) it’s good yet again to see a strong representation in the European scene and people putting in a lot of effort to put out a full length video. It is a bit older – well 9 months – but I just found it over on the French site Le Site du Skateboard – merci beaucoup dudes!

This Italian production Diego Garcia Dominguez and René Olivo clocks just in over 37 minutes and shows the skating from the following:

* Diego Garcia Dominguez
* Franco Gomez
* Cesar Leon
* Alessandro Di Luggo
* Claudio Ronchetti
* Enrico della Torre
* Giuly Armanti
* René Olivo
* Mark Wetzel
* Steve Durante
* Andrea Grillo

Enjoy the video:

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