Generation Waste Full Video – Generation Waste Skateboarding

Generation Waste Full Video - Generation Waste Skateboarding

Thanks to Giulio for sending over the link to this massive full-length video effort entitled “Generation Waste”. The skating and filming is damn impressive featuring the Murder Skateboard team among other skaters (Massimiliano Baratono, Ivan Federico, Filippo Baronello, Paolo Maneglia, Juan Issa, Angelo Netto, David Petucco, Samir el Kerdoud, Marko Dukic, Jacopo Picozza) as the rip through Europe.

The team involved include Giulio Repetto (Editor in Chief), Cristiano Crepaldi (Art Director), Andrea Mozzato and Officina Infernale (Graphic Art Drawing) and Alberto Scattolin + StreetboxVideoLab for the video and photography. Oh yeah, finally a skate video not packed from start to finish with terrible hop hop music, thank you so much guys for that!

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