German COS Cup 2008 dates

Germany will also be getting its fair share of skateboard events this year with the Club of Skaters Cup 2008 announcement of an array of contests. Vert comes a bit short in my view but at least it’s still in there. Here’s the entire list:

Pro/Am Street
May 23 – 25: Two Halls, One Contest: Osnabrück, Alex Skatehall/Münster, Skaters Palace
June 6 – 8: Dresden, Skatepark Lingnerallee
September 12 – 14: Stuttgart, T-Mobile Local Support Event
October 3 – 5: Mühlhausen, Thuringia Funpark FINALE

July 18 – 20: Karlsruhe, Fest Cup
October 3 – 5: Mühlhausen, Thuringia Funpark FINALE

July 25 – 27: München, Keyhole Skatepark
August 1 – 3: Oschatz, Skatepark
August 29 – 31: Flensburg, Skatepark
September 5 – 7: Hagen, Mickey Mouse Pool

Essentials Series

The Essentials Series is a rookie session tour which revolves more around having fun with a game of SKATE and hanging out with other skaters, basically just sessions:

June 21: Hof, Asshall
August 23: Wörth am Rhein, Badepark/Skatepark
September 20: Berlin, Mellowpark
November 1: Aurich, Playground Skatehall

Club of Skaters Cup 2008
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