German COS Cup Skateboard Contest Series At The Splash! Festival

German COS Cup Skateboard Contest Series At The Splash Festival

It is one of those mornings when I’m sitting in front of my laptop sipping my coffee while getting the latest skateboarding news together for the day and I have to come up with a title for the post – as you can see it wasn’t my best day with this title as it turned out a bit large 😉

Whatever, the news is the important bit and the German Club Of Skaters skateboard championship series continues tomorrow, July 23rd until the 25th 2010 at the splash! festival in Gräfenhainichen, Germany. Man, what a name for a town and I have been living in Germany for a long time so I am used to the names but Gräfenhainichen is really one of the best to date *hehe*.

Back to business though: during this well known hip-hop festival (Wu-Tang Clan is in there as well!) the top street skaters from around Germany will be battling it out for points for the German championship series on the course being built specially for the contest by Andreas “Schützi” Schützenberger von IOU Ramps.

» COS German Skateboard Championships website
» splash! festival website in English

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