German és Game of Skate finals this weekend

Sure took me long enough to get anything about the és Game of Skate in Germany in here but sometimes you save the best for last. The last qualification run will be taking place this Saturday June 14th in Stuttgart with the finals also in Stuttgart on Sunday June 15th. Here are some pictures of the lucky winners and their names:

Winners from the Bochum, Germany qualification

1. Christoph Radke
2. Kevin Vietzke
3. Leo Jakobs
4. Daniel Schwiese

Bochum, Germany winners

Winners from the Hamburg, Germany qualification

1. Sebastian Gronewold
2. Bastian Metscher
3. Benjamin Ripsch
4. Marcel Muchaier

Winners from the Hamburg qualification

Winners from the Leipzig, Germany qualification

1. Daniel Meier
2. Christopher Schübel
3. Tom Michalsky
4. Robert Haunstein

Winners from the Leipzig qualification

The European finals will be taking place in Prague JUne 27th and 28th and the World Finals of the ̩s Game of Skate will be held at the Maloof Money cup in Orange, California July 11th Р13th.

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