German skateboard mag Boardstein needs support!

Just received a mail back from Klaas from Boardstein magazine correcting my former statements which made it seem like they were going out of business – this is what I said: “The skateboard business can be as hard or even harder than other industries and as in most situations in life, the “good” guys get hit the worst. Hearing that they will no longer be publishing and distributing around Europe as of next March 2008 is a hard hit to skateboarding in general.” This is not correct so sorry Klaas! Boardstein is going to follow a different direction by keeping the magazine free and distributing it themselves.

For many years the German “Boardstein” magazine has covered skateboarding in a very underground, relaxed yet informative and direct manner – no bullshit, no making it shine more than it should, real skateboarding. Anyone interested can still get a subscription and have it sent right home to your very doorstep (yeah, it is in German but there are a lot of pictures as well – even though it really is worth reading it if you can, one of my favorite toilet session past times – okay, more than you may want to know!). What they are stopping is the main distribution of the magazine to magazine stores, train stations etc. So only if you are lucky enough to have a skate store near you which puts it on offer – it will be for free and still sometimes be brought out in combination with Carhartt’s RUGGED magazine – you probably won’t get your hands on it.

Boardstein is going to go back to the roots, to the skaters, the skate stores, rock concerts, competitions to spread their words and thoughts with the scene. This doesn’t mean they don’t need support. Every subscription will help to keep them doing the fine work they do – SUPPORT THEM IF YOU CAN, just visit their site right here or if you are living somewhere other than Germany, write them an email at “abo AT boardstein DOT com”

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