German Street Championship 2007 final results!

Club of Skaters Germany

After one hell of a weekend full of some of the best street skating I have personally seen in years the winners are up and some lucky guy is heading next spring over to Vancouver to the Slam City Jam 2008.

And the lucky skater is none other than Alex Mizurov! Here are the results from the weekend in Hamburg:

COS German Championship Final Results 2007

1. Alex Mizurov (German Champion 2007)
2. Yannick Schall
3. Lem Villemin
4. Sascha Ewest
5. Louis Taubert
6. Armin Löwenstein

COS Cup Hamburg
1. Lem Villemin
2. Alex Mizurov
3. Yannick Schall
4. Sascha Ewest
5. Richie Löffler
6. Mack McKelton

Playstation Best Trick
Alex Mizurov with a switch bigspin heelflip at the main stair set

COS Junior Cup 2007
1. Moritz Huesmann
2. Florian Westers
3. Mario Ungerer
4. Konstantin Kipfmüller
5. Johannes Schön
6. Daniel Meier

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