Germany versus Denmark friendly match at the Copenhagen Skatepark

This piece of news just flattered into my mailbox. A funny way to do a contest, that’s for sure – a Danish team is going head to head against a German team of skaters this coming Staurday, October 20th at the Copenhagen Skatepark in three different disciplines.

Starting up at 4 in the afternoon the skaters will battle it out in the bowl to see who packs out the best trick and the longest grind. At 5:30 a Game of Skate is on the list of things to be done along with the highest ollie contest and a street contest (surely a quick one….) getting the prizes here. And to round off the day an hour’s worth of vert with the best trick and highest air being judged wil get all of the skaters ready for the winner’s ceremony and then it’s off to the Nike SB video premiere. Looks like a fun day.

The German team has this partial team roster, more will be along for sure: Laif Draasch, Keno Ringering, Sascha Müller, Jürgen Horrwarth, Niklas Speer von Cappeln, Tjark Tiehlker, Jeremy Reinhardt, Paco Elles, Kilian Heuberger and Denny Pham. Watch out youe Danes, that’s a team to beat!

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