Germanys Club Of Skaters Cup 2009 – Dresden results

Club Of Skaters Cup 2009 Dresden

Last weekend skaters gathered in the German city of Dresden for the second round of the Club Of Skaters Cup 2009 street contest at the Lingnerallee skatepark which is situated right smack in the middle of town. The sun was burning down on the action at the end here were the results from around 80 starters:

1. Denny Pham
2. Tom Kleinschmidt and Tomas Vintr
4. Yannick Schall
5. Tomas Steuskal
6. Dan Kaspar
7. Erik Gross

Tom Kleinschmidt leads the series with Yannick Schall and Danny Pham both around 50 points behind (Tom has 1800 so 50 points is not that much!). The next round is in Leipzig at the “Skatehalle Heizhaus” on September 18th – 20th and the finals take place in Münster at the “Skaters Palace” from October 23rd – 25th 2009.

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