Get Your Skateboard Weekend Started

I just realized that I haven’t written one update for almost a week – how did that happen, where did the freaking week go? Have I conked out under a bridge or something, no idea. Whatever, the weekend is just right in front of us so it’s time to get some inspiration and either you are already out on your board (so you’ll be reading this later) or you are hungry to get out there.

What do I have for you? Let’s try out some of The Greek, Brad McClain, Steven Reeves, Kevin Kowalski and Ben Hatchell with some concrete skating from the Mo Mondays video series first, then move on to a skate demo in St Petersburg, Russia with the enjoi crew (Cairo Foster, Jerry Hsu, Louie Barletta and Ben Raemers) and a welcome video for Taylor Oakley on the etnies UK team. Now watch those videos and then go out and learn some new tricks!


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