Girl and Chocolate Skateboards Video Trailer

After a long dry spell with no updates – shame on me – for all of you, the weekend has given me some time to get things up and running again. Check out the video trailer for Girl and Chocolate Skateboards upcoming full length video which is due out in 2012. The trailer already looks really good, some nice filming and the level of skateboarding just doesn’t seem to stop rising ever higher! Enjoy this clip and keep on the outlook for the real thing next year.

Rick Howard
Mike Carroll
Megan Baltimore
Spike Jonze

Ty Evans
Spike Jonze
Cory Weincheque

Vincent Alvarez
Brian Anderson
Kenny Anderson
Elijah Berle
Brandon Biebel
Chico Brenes
Devine Calloway
Mike Mo Capaldi
Mike Carroll
Daniel Castillo
Justin Eldridge
Jesus Fernandez
Rick Howard
Gino Iannucci
Marc Johnson
Cory Kennedy
Eric Koston
Sean Malto
Guy Mariano
Rick McCrank
Alex Olson
Anthony Pappalardo
Stevie Perez
Chris Roberts
Raven Tershy
Jeron Wilson

Ty Evans
Roger Bagley
Sam Newman
Federico Vitetta
Eric Longden
Aaron Meza
Shane Auckland
Ian Passmore
Kyle Camarillo
RB Umali
Dan Wolfe

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