Girls Combi Contest 2016

Girls Combi Bowl Contest 2016 – Video Recap and Results

The level of skateboarding the girls around the globe are skating at these days has made a huge jump forwards in the past years. The annual Girls Combi Bowl Contest 2016 proved yet again how good they rip. Here are the final results and some impressions from the skating. Go girls go!

Pro Skaters:
1. Poppy Starr
2. Nora Vasconcellos
3. Lizzie Armanto
4. Brighton Zeuner

15 and Over:
1. Jordyn Barrett
2. Yndiara Asp
3. Hanna Zanzi

14 and Under:
1. Dora Varella
2. Spencer Breaux
3. Bryce Wettstein

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