Globe and Thrasher bring you Money for Blood

Now this is one great skateboarding video. I watch any type of skating but after a while it gets a bit monotonous to watch street skating tricks (just my opinion guys, nothing against the skill involved!) so if you think like me, go online and check out the Money for Blood video. Three days of skating mayhem going off in Australia with a 50,000 dollar purse which saw some of the biggest names putting their stuff to show in three different spots: the Pizzey bowl, a mini-ramp with a crazy extension and the Varsity double set staircase of death…it’s a big stairway, that’s for sure. I would lose my kneecaps just jumping the first half!

I loved the bowl which looks pretty hard itself when you see the names of the skaters and some of the problems they had. But the mini-ramp contest was insane – I personally have NEVER seen anything like it. A must view for every skater!

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