Globe brings out United by Fate episode 2 video!

So I take it that most of you have taken the time out to find an Internet connection and that you have seen the first episode in Globe’s series of United by Fate skateboard videos. Refreshing filming, good cuts to watch and put together to make it a smart skateboard video. It is getting harder and harder for filmers and skaters alike to bring out something new and different. The level of skating is insane and unless you are studying the videos, a lot of them look pretty much alike.

Well. beware with Globe’s episode 2 of United by Fate – which by the way you can watch by clicking right here – which highlights Chris Haslam and he surely is worth a complete video. The trademark black van cruises yet again through the video, this time searching for Chris who starts off in some underground cellar stuffed with quarter ramps and enough out of the ordinary slopes and corners to make it the playground Mr. Haslam needs to strut his stuff. Chris is supported throughout the video by his fellow Globe team members and it’s good to see Shane Cross smiling in here (the video is dedicated to the memory of Shane Cross).

I think it’s best that I just say watch the video because trying to describe what Chris Haslam does is just not possible – he is for me the most creative and talented street skater out there, full stop. Just incredible to watch. I’d like to see the lines that he just does!

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