Globe EU Trippin Tour

Globe EU Trippin Tour Video

Mark Appleyard, David Gonzalez, Rodney Mullen, Louie Barletta, Ryan Decenzo, Chris Haslam, Paul Hart, Anton Myhrvold, Fries Taillieu, Charles Collet, and Phillip Schuster ripped earlier this year through five European countries for the GLOBE EU TRIPPIN Tour.

London’s South Bank gathered a huge crowd as usual, Oxford’s concrete park was taken apart, Berlin’s famous street banks and some DIY spots took a bashing, Brussels Manneken Pis didn’t dare show himself as the ledges were taken down. It carried on in Wevelgem in Belgium at the indoor Rampaffairz skatepark before the Globe skate team headed off to Lyon, France to skate a difficult ledge and the outdoor concrete skatepark which looks like a lot of fun with the many different possibilities offered for different lines. Besides the park Lyon has a ton of cool spots to rip. And on it goes to – where else – Barcelona where it also end – what a trip!

Globe EU Trippin Tour from GLOBE on Vimeo.

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