Globe Metz Masters 2008 skate contest video and results

Globe Metz Masters 2008 results

Globe Shoes starts this year big in a town by the name of Metz in the north east of France. Inviting some of the best in European street skateboarding to compete for 6,500 Euros the skaters battled it out over two gruesome days of competition to see who would skate away with the Master of Metz title. Man against man skate-offs was the way the contest was held on the first day until the final six ended up going against each other. Day two was a bit “easier” as the organizers let 4 skaters skate against each other with the top two moving on.

The big news of the weekend was the re-return of Bastien Salabanzi (who now by the way rides for Jart Skateboards out of Spain) who absolutely ripped the arena with his incredible board control, mad tricks and the show he is known for while skating! At the end of the day the results were as follows:

1. Place: Bastien Salabanzi (France)
2. Place: Ruben Rodrigues (Portugal)
3. Place: Axel Cruysberghs (Belgium)

Alex Mizurov (Germany) won the double set best trick event with a switch frontside big spin heel. Make sure you watch the video made by Agoride. It’s quite good quality for a YouTube video and if all street contests had this level of skating, I would sit through more…unbelievable what these skaters are doing. The European level of skating has nothing to hide these days, that’s for sure!

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