Globe Shoes SK8 Film Bonanza footage

New video footage just popped up from a party held by the European Globe shoe dudes a few days back witf free booze , a barbecue, a large video screen with “Money for blood” and “United by fate” being shown. Their own DJ was getting the mini ramp competition heated up with around 500 people watching some skaters rip that ramp to bits! Check out the video right here and let your eyes pop out of your head…

500 Euros in cash was also given away in 20 or 50 Euro bills each time a skater landed a mad trick. And believe me, when you watch the video, they could have given out a couple of thousand probably! Featuring Giraud, Benoliel, Boissonnet, Hugues, Palacios, Haziza, Mocquin, Maidment and Nowik…let the video do the talking!!!

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