Globe skate team conquering Australia Day 1

Globe skate team hit Australia's shores

A big week for Globe yet again as the Thrasher and Globe sponsored Slaughter At The Opera contest with $50,000 prize money (check out article here…) is taking place this coming Saturday March 1st with the following confirmed riders on board:

Mark Appleyard – Eric Koston – Andrew Reynolds – Paul Rodriguez – Stefan Janoski – Rick McCrank – Chris Haslam – Ryan Sheckler – Erik Ellington – Greg Lutzka – Nick Dompierre – Paul Machnau – Jake Duncombe – Brad Staba – Lewis Marnell – Cale Nuske – Jereme Rogers – Darrell Stanton – Adam Dyet – Matt Mumford and many more.

The live webcast starts Friday, February 29th 2008 at 7 pm Pacific Standard Time (so for the Europeans out there, that’s March 1st at 3 am) but the contest starts at 2 in the afternoon in Australia which means 8 in the morning – rise and shine guys, eat some breakfast, watch some skating and then go skating! But first off have a look at the Globe team in Australia on their first day.

Globe In Australia Day 1 Thrasher video link

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