Globe’s United By Fate Episode 3 now online

Globe's United By Fate 3

Everybody should have or has an opinion about most things. I surely have mine about skateboard videos and with the prices for video equipment coming down more and more and computer video software floating around for the pickings, the number of good quality and entertaining skateboards is growing at an insane rate. But this also keeps pushing our expectations up which is great.
Globe seems to me to have the golden eye for making top-notch short films mixing in the ever so slightly different street spots with a bit of cinematic scenes and topping that off with some fantastic concrete shredding, especially Matt Mumford! Jake Duncombe also shows how damn talented he is on a board, he’s got some really different ideas and lines in his head and shows his board who’s in control.

Yet again another great episode from the Globe team, make sure you watch this episode a few times! Check it out at this link…

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