Good morning skateboard video session!

It’s way too early in the morning for most of you but me being a family guy these days gets me moving early. Once you make the move from hitting the alarm and changing your position in bed from horizontal to sitting upright, then you’ve just about made it to starting the day off. And lucky me, I have this Friday off from my day off, it’s already (and still) sunny and warm and I’m driving to the Hagen park in a few hours.

So to get the day and the weekend started off well, I’ve decided to put some current videos together into one post which are turning up on various skateboard related sites and video platforms. And there are some goodies here!

IPATH skate team on a Thrasher Magazine trip to Las Vegas and Arizona, checking out various ditches!

Latest Bones commercial

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Nomad Skateboards “A Nomad Point of View” – Part 1 check out their Mpora account to watch the other 8 parts!

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Kevin Parrott along with Div Adam, Benson, Awadh, Aaron Sweeney and some others putting their trucks to the test at Saffron Walden and Cantelowes.

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