Goodbye snowboard hello skateboard!

Europeskate gets back to skateboarding!
Hi everybody, back again after cruising down the mountain slopes in Austria last week. Luckily enough I was on a high enough mountain (Mölltalergletscher for those of you who know their mountain ranges…) so we had lots of good powder under the boards and some sun to make it a cool week. But it is good to be back in Hamburg and as it always happens with me, I am full of skateboard energy again.

So I hit the local skate park yesterday which was insanely packed but as usual the skateboarders controlled the bowl area which had a nice session going with some locals and a group of guys from London (actually from Australia and New Zealand, just living in London right now…) so a big hello to you guys, you know who you are. I’m the guy who pushed the Europeskate stickers on you…

Only one week went by and the world of skateboarding surely does not stop turning. A few contests went down over in the States and in Austria and I just read the news about Stereo pro Danny Renaud who somehow survived a nine story fall from a building. Yikesss! He made it through surgery though with two broken legs, a punctured lung and ruptured a kidney. We all know that not everybody is that lucky. Well, I’m going to get going again with putting the skateboarding news up for ya all so stay tuned, send in those bits of news from all over and be ready for some kick ass competitions coming your way soon

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