Gothenburg, Sweden and the new Stefan Hauser skate park

Gothenburg, Sweden and the new Stefan Hauser skate park

Sweden is a country in Europe I can definitely start thinking about moving to in order to live. Especially with the amount of great concrete skate parks that are being built in the past couple of years. The next park which is getting the final touches to it is the Actionpark in Gothenburg, Sweden.

And yet again the man behind this incredible looking park in none other than Stefan Hauser, the same guy who designed the Malmö park! Just looking at it there are so many lines available to try out there is no way you can visit this place just for a day. My Swedish mate Magnus Olsevik sent me over some pictures of a pre-opening session he was able to take part in with Stefan Hauser, Hendrik, Wadsten and Stefan Stare just to test the park as it is opening in a few weeks. Lucky man!! Swedish holiday in spring 2009 for me, that’s for sure!

Wadsten grinding it – Photo: Katta Sterner

Park overview

Park overview – Photo: Placed To Ride website

Stefan Stare grinding as well
Stefan Stare grinding as well – Photo: Katta Sterner

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