Grand Slam of Pro Skateboarding tour news update

Grand Slam of Pro Skateboarding update

Just yesterday I put up a post about the Grand Slam of Pro Skateboarding which is being organized by World Cup Skateboarding. I looked a bit deeper into the site and discovered that two of the dates have been cancelled (Slam City Jam in Vancouver and the WSR in Rotterdam Holland). After reading this I decided to contact Don Bostick, the director of WCS, to clarify the situation.

To be honest, I was surprised by the quick and friendly answer which came back straight from Don himself (you should take a look at the bios section at WCS about Don, he’s been involved in skateboarding forever!). I’ll quote directly from the mail as he tells it how it is:

“Yes, we set up the debut of the Grand Slam of Skateboarding as we were under the impression that all the events listed were confirmed and solid! Then shortly after, both Slam City Jam and WSR contest cancelled. Both experienced problems with sponsorship and each promoter felt it was best to cancel. It’s now too late to try and create 2 new events, to fill the void. We will instead go forward with the Grand Slam concept using the remaining events and then look forward to next year with hopes of bringing back the Mastership in Germany and also Slam City Jam!”

Well, we hope this works out for 2009 even better as two major events in the skateboard contest agenda have yet again not survived the “sponsorship hole” as I like to call it. But just a hint: 2 new events in Europe are in the works – I’ll keep you informed when it’s official

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