Gravis IVSK8 site with Arto Saari’s new shoe

Gravis has entered the world of skateboarding shoes with a growing team of good skaters and are pushing the new line with the announcement of the first shoe model from non other than Arto Saari who has been testing new waters with his new board sponsor Alien Workshop. The “Viking Hi Lx Ltd” shoe will be available July 25th (Europe anybody?) at selected stores.

The team already includes Dylan Rieder, Javier Mendizabal, and Steve Forstner who were in Spain earlier this year on the first tour so they look to pack a punch. And of course there are going to be the “haters” out there screaming sell-out or why did they get involved in shoes etc. bla bla, but remember: you don’t have to buy what you don’t want or like. You decide.

Have a look at the Gravis site

Gravis Arto Saari shoe
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