Greg Lutzka really is on the K-Swiss team?

Greg Lutzka really is on the K-Swiss team?

As I haven’t seen any confirmation of this news other than a video up on YouTube, I’ll wait to make any announcements but the video looks real and unless Greg Lutzka has a great double, than he’s pushing the brand and his new team K-Swiss with the the biggest and best words.

Obviously there are going to be enough people dissing him for this and K-Swiss for jumping on the skate shoe train, but come on…it’s a free market and you can buy what ever you want. And to think about it – why do you think so many new parks and skate possibilities are popping up all over the world? Yep, once things go a bit mainstream, mainstream people open up to the ideas.

There are definitely good and bad sides to this development, but going back to Greg and K-Swiss: all I can say is let’s sit back and see what they create. Looking forward to it!

>> visit the K-Swiss site

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