Greg Lutzka wins the Slaughter At The Opera contest

Globe Slaughter At The Opera

The Globe Slaughter At The Opera went down today/yesterday – these time differences just mess me up – and it looks like another huge success and a lot of good fun was had for all of the skaters and spectators at the scene. Perfect weather and conditions let Greg Lutzka take first place and 25,000 dollars home for first place with Adam Dyet taking second place plus $15,000 for his pockets and Ryan Decenzo getting a very decent third and $5,000 to take home.

Here are the first official pictures straight from Globe Shoes themselves, thanks guys! Just click on the pictures for the larger versions…

Slaughter At The Opera Slaughter At The Opera Slaughter At The Opera

While we are waiting for the Globe video edit from the live webcast, check out this version put up on YouTube…

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