Gyppo Army team with new decks

Gyppo Army

The Gyppo Army is hard at work to infiltrate our minds and the skateboard world with their kickass attitude and some damn sweet skating. And they don’t look like they are slowing down at all as they are bringing out their next new deck, a bright yellow plank going by the name “Netto” featuring a dog graphic with a basket in it’s mouth….hmmm, okay. I have to ask Kev what the idea behind this graphic is but I do like the simplistic approach and it comes in 8 inch width as well so that’s fine with me

Netto deck from the Gyppo Army

At the moment their blog is down so I hope they can fix this up quickly as it is always a good laugh to read what they are up to – and believe me, they are always up to some messed-up malarky!

Have a look at the Gyppo Army with Kevin McKeon, Aaron Sweeney, Doug Parmiter and Marcus Adams ripping it in Bilbao, Spain earlier this year.

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