Hamburg and the new Minus Ramps bowl

Hamburg and the new Minus Ramps bowl

*** UPDATED May 9th, 2009 – New pictures!***
Pools are going up everywhere around the world which is fantastic and it surely makes me feel even better to see that it is also taking place in my current hometown – Hamburg in Germany. Minus Ramps have been working on yet another project which I actually missed out on hearing about and I went to the building site this afternoon to see how it looks.

It is looking great already and just today the team was putting down the final surface with their brand new concrete pump (look below for the pic!). 7 guys were smoothing out the surface while Matt Grabowski was attending to the stairs. The project should be completely finished in the next 5 to 6 weeks with the area around the pool getting some extra features as well. Check out some of the older pictures below – I’ll be uploading my shots tomorrow morning (yeah, I forgot my cable at home but we can wait a day!). Hamburg will have 3 pools by this summer, how cool is that. And we all know once projects like these get started and the city government sees that it works, more will come!

working hard on the Hamburg Fruchtallee bowl
alternative view - old folks home on the other side!
Hamburg's Fruchtallee bowl takes on form
the Minus Ramps crew take a break
pumping skateboard pool concrete
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