Hamburg Fifty5Feet bowl contest today!

Good morning to all of you nutty skaters crazy enough to be in front of the computer on a Sunday morning, but hey, gotta keep you informed. This one is a bit more personal today as not much European skateboarding news has been coming through these days. This afternoon the local skate shop in Hamburg, Germany will be hosting the Fr√ɬ∂ntsidegrinds & Dosenbier bowl contest in the IPunkt skate hall and I’ll be strapping on my pads for my first “contest” in over 13 years!!

That’s right, I’m looking forward to this one but it will be most likely a local session going on so just a lot of fun! In other news I was able to meet up with Bailgun editor Gerd Rieger last Thursday who brought along Wolfgang Toth, another old school skater and we had a cool session in the Hamburg bowl with Wolfgang doing some gnarly frontside pool coping grinds out of the cradle. Gerd has been looking for some help with the translations to English for the mag and I’ll be sending him some of my first translations, so look out for the next English version of Bailgun Magazine.

The look of Europeskate is also changing as we speak. You have to keep up to date these days to make sure a website gets noticed so the homepage now has less Google advertising and the complete articles are not being shown. This way you as a reader can skim through what you want to read a lot quicker and the loading time for the page is shorter. All good it seems, let’s see what really happens.

Our very own clothing company is developing, “Del Mundo” is the name and the first shirts will be available later this week so stay tuned.

And last but not least, I just have to create a few more graphics and the video competition will be going live soget your skateboard video creation skills up to par to be able to sign up and win some big prizes!!

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