Hamburg Hell 2019 Skateboard Contest

Hamburg Hell 2019 – Vert Contest Final Results

What a weekend we all had in Hamburg, Germany yet again for the 3. Hamburg Hell Vert Skateboarding contest. Held at the iPunkt Skateland indoor skatepark April 26th and 27th, this year saw actually fewer riders turn up (especially in the Juniors divison and we missed many Danish, Swedish and Norwegian skaters this year). But the level of skateboarding was up a notch compared to the last years.

Hamburg Hell 2019 – Pro/Ams Winners

Hamburg Hell 2019 – Masters (+40 years old) Winners

So it was divided in two groups, Pro / Ams and Masters and it is one of those situations where we can say: you had to be there to feel the vibe. And as usually the finals were insane with the skaters pushing themslves to their limits. At the end, everyone seemed happy, prizes and trophies were given out and the after-party at the Reeperbahn was insane once again. See you in 2020…

Pro/Ams Final Results:

1. Johannes Thurn, 28, Berlin/Germany
2. Jürgen Horrwarth, 42, Berlin/Germany
3. Lars Stout, 29, Rotterdam/Holland
4. Ian Campbell, 23, San Sebatian/Spain
5. Jakob Kristoferitsch, 17, Vienna/Austria
6. Lilly Stoephasius, 11, Berlin/Germany
7. Jan Krüger, ??, Bielefeld/Germany
8. Benjamin Rieder, 32, Innsbrück/Austria
9. Marvin Bürmann, 29, Bielefeld/Germany
10. Jan Bartel, 28, Cologne/Germany
11. Benjamin Voges, 19, Ammersbek/Germany
12. Dennis Seelige, 31, Bielefeld/Germany
13. Walter Kevin, 27, Cologne/Germany
14. Florenz Buss aka Flo Hals, 28, Borken/Germany
15. Dirk Schaefer, 27, Koblenz/Germany
16. Florian Fentzahn, ??, Lankow/Germany
17. Thomas Woller, 29, Hamburg/Germany
18. Rene Feldt, 30, Daubach/Germany

Masters Final Results:

1. Ingo Fröbich, 47, Bonn/Germany
2. Bo Warberg Larsen, 43, Copenhagen/Denmark
3. Chris Hudson, 43, Lincoln/England
4. Richie Löffler, 43, Hamburg/Germany
5. Dirk Rösen, 48, Bielefeld/Germany
6. Jenz Preiss, 45, Bielefeld/Germany
7. Matthias Glockemann, 47, Hanover/Germany
8. Toto Ghali, ??, Zürich/Switzerland

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