Hamburg skatepark gets a skate loop!

Hamburg skatepark gets a skate loop!

Sunny day in Hamburg yesterday and what do I do? Go to the indoor skatepark – yeah, nuts but I wanted to ride the bowl and what do I get to see when I walk in through the front door? A brand new skate loop had been set up!!!

the Hamburg skate loop!

That’s right, supposedly some guy – not sure if a skateboarder or some inliner – wants to try it out and it was built extra for him. So if you want to try something like this , Hamburg’s indoor is the place to head to till September 12th, 2008. Then it will be taken down again. You can sort of practice in the cradle which is part of the indoor bowl but it is definitely a different story to ride a loop. I’ll be there though when someone tries this thing…I’d rather give it a pass and improve my vert skills in the mean time 🙂 Check the map below to find the I-Punkt Skateland skatepark in Hamburg,Germany. And I added some videos of some skaters trying and making the loop on loops around the world.

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I-Punkt Skateland website

Bob Burnquist in an open loop
Dave Hackett at TonyHawk’s
Japanese self-made loop!
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