Hamburg’s Flora concrete bowl support party April 4th

Getting to smooth business With skateboarding getting bigger and bigger and more and more mainstream companies trying to make a buck out of the hype it is good to see skaters coming together to build up their very own skate spots by raising some money, chipping in and doing all of the work themselves.

Several of these DIY spots have been popping up around the world (La Caverne and La Baissine in France – Pontus Alv’s bowl which was destroyed twice close to Malmö,Sweden – Black Cross Bowl in Basel, Switzerland – or the mother of all DIY parks = Burnside) and one that especially interests me is the the so-called “Rote Flora Bowl” in Hamburg. Put up just last year with the help of local skaters, skate shops and Minus Ramps, this DIY project shows yet again that if you really want to get something new to skate, you can always try to do it yourself. This surely worked out great.

The finished first part of the Hamburg bowl

To get things rolling again in 2008 for new parts of the concrete park to be built, a solidarity party and evening skate session will be held in Hamburg, Germany April 4th at the Haus 73 cellar in the Schanze area (just right beside the Flora bowl). Definitely going to be a blast for all of us that can make it and a good contribution for a great cause – more transitions! Check out the map to find your way…

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