Happy Halloween Skateboarding Round-Up 2013

So what is this about? The “Happy Halloween Skateboarding Round-Up 2013”? After continuously writing and gathering news, videos, product and event updates about skateboarding for the past 9,5 years (yeah, seriously a long time), I keep seeing that splitting it all up into individual articles or posts as us bloggers call these updates is not really reaching the people.

So I’m going to pack in a batch of the best from the web about skateboarding which I think is worth your time and put it all into one article – no more flipping between pages, just one collection of the daily best of skateboarding from around the globe. This will also give me time to focus on other ideas and projects and you’ll have one page to look at everyday. So come on, let’s dive into what’s happening in skateboarding on Halloween Day 2013:

Let’s kick it off with serious, serious shred from the lairs of the Diamond bowl which is one hell of a cool wooden bowl. For this co-sponsored event we’ve got six minutes of the gnarliest bowl skateboarding in costumes for the Halloween Hellride 2013 – who do you think pulled off the craziest stunts? Too much going on for me, this is insane!

Spitfire Wheels have produced a new F1 wheel for the Skateistan project led by Skateistan Director & Founder Oliver Percovich. He brought the idea of pushing skateboarding in Afghanistan in 2007 and through his hard work he has helped many children and families in that country to find joy, a meaning and even work through skateboarding. The video features Oliver Percovich telling his story about the Skateistan project and how 40 sets of Spitfire wheels lets many kids skate for an entire year. Think about about when your complaining about your wheels being slow…

Spitfire Wheels has put together a mini-site about Skateistan with photos and an interview with Oliver so make sure you make the leap over to that site – this is one great project that has been achieved with lots of love, dedication and of course skateboarding.

Visit the Skateistan website here…

The kids are the future of skateboarding (well duh, everything) and some kids just have a lot more skills than others. Baker Skateboards amateur rider Tristan Funkhauser aka T-Funk has been messing around with the Baker crew for some time so you can be sure his attitude towards skateboarding is right on the spot. Not too sure about his last comment in the video but I like to concentrate on the board skills and he’s got a bunch of them. Watch and let’s hope this little bugger keeps skating and leaves the partying to others.

Hitting more streets than I usually do in my updates today but you have to listen to what the people want and give them a good mix. Massimo Cavedoni skates for Real Skateboards and his Mag Minute represents solid street skating in this day and age.

And now I get to throw in a good dose of pools, ramps and street skating – it’s the mix that makes it taste good you know? Dan Drehobl, Kenny Anderson, Robbie Russo, Ronnie Sandoval, Oscar Navarro, Jason Jessee, Frank Gerwer and more get it all done in this awesome video clip entitled “Conversing The Bay” packed front to back with shred.

Now let’s head over to Germany where Europeskate has it’s headquarters to check out yet another new D.I.Y. skatepark/ spot which has been opened for the public to skate. The so-called “Lentpark” in the city of Cologne used to be a collection of self-made ramps, obstacles and just about whatever anyone could find that was semi-skateable and could be dragged to this spot. Together with the Converse “Fix to Ride” program and Yamato Living Ramps from Hannover, Germany the area was completely rebuilt and the result is fantastic.

In an opening session skaters like Willow, Tom Derichs, David Conrads, Alessandro Magnani, Norbert Szombati and many more top European skaters came to enjoy yet another work of concrete art for the skaters. Sit back and enjoy the park – I hope to get there early 2014 for a ride as it looks like some serious fun!

That’s all for now folks – we’ll see how this type of update/writing is accepted and if you like it, than share the link all over so I’ll keep doing the dirty work for ya!

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