Hard Luck Bearings – Hard Six Promo Video

It’s always even more fun for me to post about anything skateboard related when I’m in direct contact with the people involved. So when Steve from Hard Luck wrote me yesterday with a link to their latest promo video pushing the Hard Luck Bearings, I’m glad to push it.

What a great team they have, the video is raw and is exactly how I like my skateboarding. Featuring skateboarding and more by Collin Provost, Brandon Westgate, Louie Lopez, Jon Dickson, Danny Dicola, Eric Dressen, Sammy Baca, Julian Davidson, Jason Jessee, Oscar Navarro, Mike Anderson, Daniel Vargas and many more. Add in some great sounds by Suicidal Tendencies and we have a winning clip.

Make a stop on their website to see the really good products – both hardware and clothing – which they have to offer!

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